[dns-operations] dnscap -> dnspcap, and some notes about ncap

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Thu Aug 16 20:24:35 UTC 2007

as some of you know, i'm working on something called "ncap" which will be a
lot like pcap (in fact part of it is a wrapper around pcap) but its output
will be messages rather than packets, so there won't be ip fragments and the
tcp flows won't appear out of order.  a lot of the work i thought i'd be
putting into dnscap, will go into ncap instead.  there will eventually be a
new utility called "dnsncap" that does what the current "dnscap" does but
which will be implemented as a client of the "ncap" library and will have an
output format that's an "ncap file" rather than a "pcap file".

to that end, i'm going to rename "dnscap" to "dnspcap".  joao damas has also
come forward with a litany of suggestions to improve the command line syntax,
and i was easy to convince since we're still pre-1.0.  so, dnspcap with an
all new command line syntax should appear here soon, and go to V1.0 status
almost immediately so that we can use it in scripts without wondering if any
more incompatible changes are coming our way.

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