[dns-operations] FreeBSD and the slaving of the root zone

Chris Yarnell Chris.Yarnell at nominum.com
Wed Aug 1 04:16:21 UTC 2007

> being rude to do so without prior coordination. If I have offended the 
> operators of B, C, F, G or K (or any of the others for that matter) I 
> apologize. That was certainly not my intention. If the operators of 
> those servers ask to have them removed I will do so at once.

The polite response would have been to reverse the change and open a 
discussion with said operators and allow them to opt-in.  Instead, you are 
forcing them to opt-out.  Many of them do not actively read this, or many 
other, lists.

You state later in your missive that you have been thinking about this for 
a long period of time.  How many of the operators have you discussed your 
proposed change and use of their open AXFR with?

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