[dns-operations] FreeBSD and the slaving of the root zone

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Wed Aug 1 03:02:45 UTC 2007

> First, yes I am the one responsible for this change in the default
> named.conf for FreeBSD 7 (soon to be 7.0-RELEASE) and 6-STABLE (soon
> to be 6.3-RELEASE). Second I'd like to address David's point about it
> being rude to do so without prior coordination. If I have offended the
> operators of B, C, F, G or K (or any of the others for that matter) I
> apologize.

it was the folk whose systems you affected who were whomped by a
non-trivial and controversial change without notice or discussion.

and no, i do not expect you to get it.

randy, who just finished moving everything to NO_BIND=true and custom build

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