[dns-operations] What is the most pressing need for DNS these days?

Peter Dambier peter at peter-dambier.de
Tue Jun 27 23:47:21 UTC 2006

Edward Lewis wrote:
> At 22:41 +0200 6/27/06, Peter Dambier wrote:
>> And there is no need to switch roots either. Just include some stub zones
>> and you are done.
>> As important pointers, maybe even a copy of the rootzone will be
>> stored on the local routers, there is no more need for DNSSEC either.
>> Really important zone informations should be exchanged by secure
>> means between partners. No way to poison it from outside.
> I'm not about to get into "what is the correct root of the DNS" etc., 
> etc.  And it's not worth debating whether this stuff "works" although I 
> know it is tempting for some.  (Life's too short to me.)
> The way I see this is that my web browser can't resolve names in the 
> example TLD (Chinese) "company" (gong1 si1, aka XN--55QX5D) because my 
> browser isn't being told about the servers offering that domain. This is 
> because I'm using the default configurations.  Rightly or wrongly, to 
> access these zones a person would have to expend more 
> time/money/resources to access these servers in the form of adding 
> forward zones and such.

For me as a european it makes sense staying with punicode.

I type in the punycode version. Interestingly enough the title line is

When I click something it is shown in the browser line in punycode again.

That works for chinese. It does not work for the arab version. Maybe
I forgot to install the arab font.

> As a protocol engineer, the question is, what can ease this pain? All I 
> can imagine is reinventing the wheel here as there is already a protocol 
> mechanism for having the (ICANN, default to me) root delegate this to 
> the example servers.  (I.e., NS records.)  Is this not sufficient, 
> technically?  I am aware there are policy things going on, but that 
> can't be solved by the protocol engineers.

That is the problem. Operating does face the problem even the fracturing
of the root but has no means to do anything about it. An ulcer is not
the right solution. Ranting is better but does not cure it either :)

> What can be done in the protocol?

Red tape is a protol too :)

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