[dns-operations] ``Ya.com says "The internet is mine" ''

Robert Story rstory+dnsops at sparta.com
Thu Aug 31 22:53:20 UTC 2006

On Thu, 31 Aug 2006 11:16:21 -0600 Bob wrote:
WB> Would you welcome such types of service if:
WB>   1) you were given the choice to opt-out,

No, as most people aren't savy enough to opt-out.

WB>   2) this provided a way for the ISP to get a share of the immense
WB> revenue (estimated at over $18 billion within the next 5 years) being
WB> generated by the search site advertisers (Google, Yahoo, etc.) via the
WB> network resources of the ISP,

The ISP is already compensated, by their customers. Customers who
expect an unaltered internet experience.

WB>   3) and such revenue would enable the ISP to turn a necessary liability
WB> into something profitable so that they are better able to invest in the
WB> quality and security of their network, which in the end benefits the
WB> consumer?

I have serious doubts that any new revenue an ISP can squeak out of its
customers will be re-invested for the benefit of the customers. ISPs
are big-business these days, and big-business just care about the
bottom line.

WB> This model is similar to television where the broadcaster is able to
WB> provide the service free to the consumer by receiving a share of the
WB> advertising revenue.

Yeah, but if I turn to a channel that doesn't exist, I get static, not
24x7 commercials.

Robert Story

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