[dns-operations] ``Ya.com says "The internet is mine" ''

Whelton, Bob Bob.Whelton at qwest.com
Thu Aug 31 23:53:56 UTC 2006

> I have serious doubts that any new revenue an ISP can squeak out of its
> customers will be re-invested for the benefit of the customers. ISPs
> are big-business these days, and big-business just care about the
> bottom line.

Just to be sure the question is understood...
The 2nd & 3rd points were that the ISP would generate revenue from the search sites, NOT the consumer. The theoretical goal (from an engineer's point of view) is to offset operational costs to reduce overhead and pass those savings on to the consumer. For the ISP this is wise because it allows them to retain a larger customer base at lower cost and higher margin overall. The intent of the question is not to justify this particular approach. Rather it is to get unbiased feedback, as conscientious engineers, as to whether there is merit in innovating new ways to generate revenue such as this.

-Robert Whelton 

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