[Collisions] Locating collision data

William F Sotomayor wfms at dns-oarc.net
Mon Nov 4 13:27:38 UTC 2013

If the data is in sufficiently mature state such that it will only be used 
in read-only access, then I can find a place for it and post a follow-up 
to the list after.

On Mon, 4 Nov 2013, Kevin White wrote:

> I am the one who wrote that page, and did the data analysis.
> I intend to move the data to a shared location on the oarc-pool.  In writing
> that page, I just basically invented a location, as a placeholder, until the
> real location was made available to me.
> Since the intention was to copy the data to the shared storage, I have not
> gone through the steps to copy all of the data onto all of the machines in
> the cluster.
> As such, it is currently only available on an3.
> I will update that page and send out notification to this list once the
> shared storage location is available.
> Kevin White
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> Dear colleagues, to whom it may concern -
> I have been pointed to this list by Keith and William to seek some
> clarification wrt. where what data is located.
> At https://www.dns-oarc.net/node/332 - "Collisions Project DITL Analysis" -
> it reads with the waiver "(note: locations not final)":
> "The processed data has been made available in a directory structure in
> /mnt/oarc-pool4/collisions."
> I can't (yet...) find a "collisions" dir in the "oarc-pool4" dir - actually
> in no "pool?" dir at all.
> OTOH, Chris' answer to Rubens' question re. this on the
> <ssr-response-group at googlegroups.com> list from last Wednesday, 30 October
> 2013, reads:
> ===
> Rubens - the data is currently located on an3.dns-oarc.net.  If you have
> already provided your ssh key to OARC you can go ahead and connect.
> This is one of the new beefy boxes.
> For now, the data is located here:  /home/kwhite/jas/gtld
> I believe at some point we are going to find a more permanent home for it.
> The source code that processed the data is located on github:
> https://github.com/JASdevteam/dns-oarc
> There is an informational page on how the data was processed here:
> https://www.dns-oarc.net/node/332
> I hope that helps.  Enjoy!
> ===
> So shall my understanding be for the time being that - as /dev/mfid0p6 is
> mounted as /home - /home/kwhite/jas/gtld holds the final data sets also on
> an1.dns-oarc.net (the box I am accessing)?
> I just went through the archive of this list but couldn't get any clear
> indication - so any further help would be truly appreciated.
> Thanks and best,
> 	Carsten
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