[EXTERNAL] DSC 2.8.1 Installation issues

Biesiadecki, Jack R. (ARC-IO)[ASRC RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS] jack.r.biesiadecki at nasa.gov
Thu Jul 11 16:33:30 UTC 2019

Hi Jerry,

Yes, I did install the dependencies (pkg install -y libpcap p5-Proc-PID-File). The interesting part is that I was able to update upto 2.6.0 without issue but 2.7.0 and newer fails.
I also tried the install on a fresh install VM with the same issues.


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Hi Jack,

On 7/11/19 1:29 AM, Biesiadecki, Jack R. (ARC-IO)[ASRC RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS] wrote:
> checking build system type... x86_64-unknown-freebsd11.2 checking host 
> system type... x86_64-unknown-freebsd11.2
> checking pcap/sll.h usability... no
> checking pcap/sll.h presence... no
> checking for pcap/sll.h... no
> pcap_layers/pcap_layers.c:73:2: error: "DLT_LINUX_SLL defined but no <pcap/sll.h> (HAVE_PCAP_SLL_H)"
> #error "DLT_LINUX_SLL defined but no <pcap/sll.h> (HAVE_PCAP_SLL_H)"
> ^

Have you installed the dependencies for FreeBSD?



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