[dsc] DSP release 2.0.0

Jerry Lundström jerry at dns-oarc.net
Fri Jun 10 13:23:35 UTC 2016


This is a major release in a sense but almost no code have been changed.
The Presenter can now be configured and installed with configure, see
configure --help for more information and README.md if you have an
existing installation and wish to continue to use the old paths.


sha256: f56e28ebd2f963c1281a5019c7aa89c69d544166f94348d0cec215e567eff7de

Major changes:
- Restructure repository to only contain the Presenter for DSC.
- Use of Automake and rework of the Makefiles
- Moved the Perl library into it's own repository p5-DSC.
- Make all paths configurable via configure and use defaults more in
  line with FHS 3.0.
- Continuous Integration testing using Travis-CI and Jenkins
- Testing on Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, FreeBSD and OpenBSD

Path Changes

The following paths have been changed, $old is considered /usr/local/dsc
and the new uses configure path, see configure --help for a full list of
these paths and their default.

$old/cache/     => $localstatedir/cache/dsp/
$old/data/      => $localstatedir/lib/dsc/
$old/etc/       => $etcdir/dsp/
$old/libexec/   => $libdir/cgi-bin/ (CGI bins only)
$old/libexec/   => $libexecdir/dsp/
$old/share/html => $datarootdir/dsp/html/
$old/var/log    => $localstatedir/log/dsp/


4d1a049 Fix typos and add missing cleanup
3865520 Generate files and create dirs
42de74e Add configure options to be able to install as it were pre
        version 2.0.0. Fix typos in .in files.
594049d Use new options when available
20b1b15 Move Perl library to separate repository.
340cc09 Fix #3: Try and be more FHS.
b1c19bc Fix #1: Add missing changes for master branch
3ed63f0 Check make dist in Travis
f22ad56 Reconstruct repository to not include collector. Use
        automake/autoconf. Update licenses.




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