[dsc] DSC Release 2.3.0

Jerry Lundström jerry at dns-oarc.net
Thu Dec 22 14:55:14 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Rare lockup has been fixed that could happen if a signal was received in
the wrong thread at the wrong time due to pcap_thread_stop() canceling
and waiting on threads to join again. The handling of signals have been
improved for threaded and non-threaded operations.

A couple of bugfixes, one to fix loading of GeoIP ASN database and
another to use the lowest 32 bits of an IP address (being v4 or v6) in
the IP hash making it a bit more efficient for v6 addresses.

New functionality for the configure option local_address, you can now
specify a network mask (see man 5 dsc.conf for syntax).


Packages are available at:



e286298 Fix CID 158968 Bad bit shift operation
c15db43 Update to pcap-thread v1.2.1
1ac06ac Move stopping process to not require a packet
597dd34 Handle signals better with and without pthreads
bcf99e8 Add RPM spec and ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS to build on CentOS 6
667fe69 fixed load geoIP ASN database from config-file
e1304d4 Fix #97: Add optional mask to local_address so you can specify
5dae7dd Fix #96: Hash the lowest 32 bits of IP addresses


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