[dsc] "No data to display at this time".

elsif jake at elsif.net
Wed May 13 14:08:40 UTC 2009

I should also mention that:

dsc-xml-extractor.out has no errors, PERL or otherwise.

My entire data dir, /var/dsc/data/* is chgrp'd to my Apache user, and is 

My 'cache' dir, and my 'log' dir, are both also chgrp'd to my Apache user, 
and g+rw.



On Wed, 13 May 2009, elsif wrote:

> Using dsc-200901261740 on FreeBSD.
> The collector works.
> Transferring using rsync to the presenter works.
> refile-and-grok.sh works.
> This leaves me with: /var/dsc/data/cira/yow.ca-servers.ca/20090513/*.dat, 
> files that are being populated every minute with valid data.
> In configuring the presenter, I did:
> server cira yow.ca-servers.ca
> domain_list cira ca
> valid_domains yow.ca-servers.ca cira
> dsc-grapher.pl loads via browser (Firefox), shows 'cira' as a branch, with 
> 'yow.ca-servers.ca' as a leaf off of that.
> Using that server/node, and clicking on the links below for the various plot 
> types results in nothing more than 'No data to display at this time'.
> Any indication here as to what I've done wrong?
> Thanks all,
> -Jake

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