[dsc] "No data to display at this time".

elsif jake at elsif.net
Wed May 13 13:58:37 UTC 2009

Using dsc-200901261740 on FreeBSD.

The collector works.
Transferring using rsync to the presenter works.
refile-and-grok.sh works.

This leaves me with: /var/dsc/data/cira/yow.ca-servers.ca/20090513/*.dat, 
files that are being populated every minute with valid data.

In configuring the presenter, I did:

server cira yow.ca-servers.ca
domain_list cira ca
valid_domains yow.ca-servers.ca cira

dsc-grapher.pl loads via browser (Firefox), shows 'cira' as a branch, with 
'yow.ca-servers.ca' as a leaf off of that.

Using that server/node, and clicking on the links below for the various 
plot types results in nothing more than 'No data to display at this time'.

Any indication here as to what I've done wrong?

Thanks all,


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