[dns-operations] Intermittent failure on slave zone

Kristian Vilmann kristian.vilmann at agillic.com
Fri Mar 4 12:48:36 UTC 2022

On 3/1/22 17:03, Viktor Dukhovni wrote:
> On 1 Mar 2022, at 9:00 am, Kristian Vilmann 
> <kristian.vilmann at agillic.com> wrote:
>> 2022-03-01 10:32:28.122803    DNS     Standard query 0xc6b1 A influx.int.myzone.eu    81
>> 2022-03-01 10:32:28.122873 DNS     Standard query response 0xc6b1 A influx.int.myzone.eu A       97
> The client asked, and the server answered.
>> 2022-03-01 10:32:29.209988 DNS     Standard query 0xe765 A influx.int.myzone.eu.myzone.org 93
>> 2022-03-01 10:32:29.210065 DNS     Standard query response 0xe765 No such name A influx.int.myzone.eu.myzone.org SOA ns.myzone.org 165
> Since the client asked again, most likely the network lost the
> reply.  Your client should have "ndots" set sensibly, to avoid
> this sort of search.

Yeah! It seems someone tried different options ealier, but ndots seems 
to do the trick. It puts a bit more load on the cache, but probably 
nothing to worry about.

We'll see what happens when we move all the servers to the new 
nameserver :)


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