[dns-operations] How should work name resolution on a modern system?

Peter Thomassen peter at desec.io
Wed Jun 15 18:00:53 UTC 2022

Hi Dave,

On 6/15/22 19:33, Dave Lawrence wrote:
> Kind of surprising to me the number of TLDs who report their address
> as
> .arab
> .cpa
> .kids
> .music
> .xn--mxtq1m (Chinese: "government")
> .xn--ngbrx (Urdu: "Arab")

This looks reminiscent of the 2014 NCAP approach for new gTLDs: https://www.icann.org/en/announcements/details/icann-approves-name-collision-occurrence-management-framework--special-ip-address-12705353-alerts-system-administrators-of-potential-issue-1-8-2014-en



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