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Meir Kraushar meir at isoc.org.il
Fri Aug 26 18:20:00 UTC 2022

Hi peter
Yes the problem is that browsers not aware of a TLD, in this case SAFARI
unaware of xn--4dbrk0ce,  do not treat it as a domain.  It won't resolve
the given name and go to the address. Instead, it will pass the value to
the search engine. This is bad. Most certainly not the desired behavior
when launching a new domain.

On Fri, Aug 26, 2022, 17:58 Peter Thomassen <peter at desec.io> wrote:

> Hi Meir,
> On 8/26/22 06:38, Meir Kraushar via dns-operations wrote:
> > We are about to go public with a new IDN ccTLD in Hebrew, being
> xn--4dbrk0ce.
> > We have done the procedure of updating Mozilla PSL, also merged the list
> into chromium. But as far as how Safari browser behaves, we are totally in
> the dark.
> > How to to reach out to any Apple staff, or crate an update request?
> > Any help will be much appreciated.
> As per the PSL algorithm [1], there is a rule "*" that matches the top
> level, so that all TLDs automatically qualify as Public Suffixes.
> You can verify this by entering "example.xn--4dbrk0ce" into the form at
> [2].
> Given that, it does not seem necessary to make sure that browsers include
> new TLDs explicitly. Are you encountering a problem due to the lack of
> inclusion in the PSL, or are you merely trying to get it included for
> completeness?
> [1]: https://github.com/publicsuffix/list/wiki/Format#algorithm
> [2]: https://publicsuffix.zone/
> > Also, out of curiosity.. if anyone knows why the mess? Why evey browser
> needs attention, rather than relaying on the IANA tld list?
> That's because there are public suffixes that are operated by other
> entities [3]. For example, s3.amazonaws.com is a public suffix. There is
> a significant number of them (just take a look at the raw PSL file on
> GitHub).
> [3]: https://github.com/publicsuffix/list/wiki/Format#divisions
> HTH,
> Peter
> --
> https://desec.io/
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