[dns-operations] .arpa ns changes

James Mitchell james.mitchell at iana.org
Thu Apr 14 20:16:21 UTC 2022

Dear root server operators/network operators and other interested parties:

This is advance notice that beginning 25 April, the hostnames for the nameservers for the .ARPA zone are planned to change. The new names will correspond to the same IP addresses that already provide the service.

This change is planned occur in two phases. On Monday, April 25, the A, C, and E nameservers will change to their new hostnames. The remaining nameservers will change one week later on Monday, May 2.

We do not expect any issues to arise from these changes. The work is being done as described in RFC 9120, in coordination with our root zone management partner Verisign and the IAB.

Kind regards,

James Mitchell
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
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