[dns-operations] why does that domain resolve?

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Wed Jun 9 21:35:03 UTC 2021

Benno Overeinder wrote on 2021-06-07 05:29:
> On 04/06/2021 18:22, Anthony Lieuallen via dns-operations wrote:
>> ...  Largely for issues like this: the child delegations can be wrong,
>> but for the domain to work at all, the parent delegations must be
>> correct.  (Resolvers that choose to use child delegations will likely
>> in this case discover that these delegations are bogus, and be left
>> with only the valid delegations, from the parent.)
> Unbound prefers the child side name servers, but if they do not answer,
> tries to use the parent-side name servers.

that strikes me as something we should recommend for all implementors,
more or less in the style of the "resimprove" draft. it's not a protocol
change but it does improve system resiliency.

> A little more detail, Unbound would on first resolve use the parent side
> servers.  On the second resolve, Unbound has the child-side name server
> data, ...  Then tries to send packets to them, getting failure
> answers.  Then tries the parent-side names servers as fall back.

this likewise strikes me as recommendable behaviour, but the point made
up-thread about minimal responses deserves to be re-raised now: if you
do not receive an authority section with an NS RRset "on first resolve",
then how do you learn the apex name server names to be used "on second


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