[dns-operations] why does that domain resolve?

Giovane C. M. Moura giovane.moura at sidn.nl
Mon Jun 7 14:35:32 UTC 2021

> This is a question of being parent- vs. child- centric.  The parents in
> the DNS tree delegate correctly.  

FWIW, we did a study a couple of years ago [1] analyzing these
inconsistencies. We found 13 million second-level domains (out of 166M)
that were inconsistent [0] (table 1, data from 2019-10-16)

> Indeed.  In our first QNAME minimisation implementation, we used NS
>queries to follow delegations.

We saw this also clearly on .nl and .nz when Google Public DNS  (GDNS)
turned on q-min: fig 3 in [1]. Out of sudden we start to see far more NS
queries from GDNS than the other types of records.




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