[dns-operations] DNSViz please support DNSSEC algorithm Ed25519 (15)

Arsen STASIC arsen.stasic at univie.ac.at
Wed Jan 27 13:18:47 UTC 2021

Hi Matt,

* Matthew Pounsett <matt at dns-oarc.net> [2021-01-19 14:59 (-0500)]:
>> On Dec 30, 2020, at 06:42, Arsen STASIC <arsen.stasic at univie.ac.at> wrote:
>> Dear DNS-OARC,
>> Could you please support DNSSEC algorithm Ed25519 (15)?
>> I think Casey Deccio has already added support for Ed25519. [0]
>Hi Arsen.
>First, it’s generally better to address mail to OARC to an OARC address — we usually point people toward admin at dns-oarc.net for general support issues.  There’s also a feedback link on the DNSViz site itself (“Questions and Comments”) which gets prompt replies.  While we watch the public lists, it’s not really an official support forum. :)    I’m still a bit backed up on mailing lists after the holiday break, which is why I’ve been a bit slow to find/reply to this.

I wrote to the list because DNSViz was multiple times discussed on the list. I didn't head admin at dns-oarc.net on my radar for this issue. I try to remember for the future :)

>The DNSViz code does support ED25519, but (as Casey explained) the problem on the site is the underlying OpenSSL library.  That host is already on the list for a major overhaul, which would include an OS update, and I’m expecting to get to that within the next couple of weeks.

I am really looking forward to this update.

I an highly appreciate OARC's and Casey's effort for this really useful service!


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