[dns-operations] Dan Kaminsky has passed away

Dave Lawrence tale at dd.org
Mon Apr 26 01:59:51 UTC 2021

Our friend and colleague Dan Kaminsky has passed away of complications
from diabetes.  He was the discoverer/inventor of the DNS
vulnerability that came to bear his name, the ability to take over
whole swaths of domains much more easily than had previously been
thought possible. 

Announcement from his niece:

There are many pages that describe the vulnerability to varying
degrees of depth.  The key to it is first poisoning caches for the
authority records of a zone.  This lets an attacker then redirect many
records within the zone at their leisure.  Here's one write-up about it:

An entertaining, short video of the early stages of his experience
with the vulnerability:

For those who had not met him, he had a generous heart and a quick
wit.  I will miss him.

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