[dns-operations] which breakage is this? FreeBSD.org / systemd-resolved

Phil Pennock dnsop+phil at spodhuis.org
Thu Oct 29 19:31:04 UTC 2020

I am so tired of dealing with systemd-resolved; I replace it on servers,
but the alternatives for a roaming laptop are even buggier (in the
resolver management, rather than in the actual resolver).

Which breakage is this, does anyone know?

% host www.FreeBSD.org
Host www.FreeBSD.org not found: 2(SERVFAIL)
% host www.freebsd.org
www.freebsd.org is an alias for wfe0.nyi.freebsd.org.
wfe0.nyi.freebsd.org has address
wfe0.nyi.freebsd.org has IPv6 address 2610:1c1:1:606c::50:15
wfe0.nyi.freebsd.org mail is handled by 0 .

I've confirmed that this is only failing for systemd-resolved
(from the 245.4-4ubuntu3.2 package on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS) and not for
Unbound or Knot-Resolver.


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