[dns-operations] [Ext] Progress on algorithm 5 and 7 decommissioning

Edward Lewis edward.lewis at icann.org
Wed Oct 14 15:27:35 UTC 2020

This is visible in the attached chart of ccTLD "crypto-choices".  (I'm on the agenda for ICANN 69's Tech Day to talk about DNSSEC in the TLDs.  I'll have longer-term views of that chart in the slide deck, this just focuses on 2020.)

On 10/12/20, 9:14 PM, "dns-operations on behalf of Viktor Dukhovni" <dns-operations-bounces at dns-oarc.net<mailto:dns-operations-bounces at dns-oarc.net> on behalf of ietf-dane at dukhovni.org<mailto:ietf-dane at dukhovni.org>> wrote:

I'm seeing continuing progress on algorithm 7 and fresh
progress on algorithm 5 decommissioning.  See the attached

By far the largest remaining cluster (>300k) of algorithm 5
zones were under .com.br and these are should all be upgraded
to algorithm 13 over the coming ~10 days.  Thus the algorithm
5 graph is showing that count falling dramatically.

The algorithm 7 downward trend is less dramatic, but by now
clearly established as unlikely to be a fluke.

Nice to see solid progress on both fronts.  Congratulations
to all the folks doing the hard work of algorithm rollovers.

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