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We are learning the operation of the DNS, we have find the document of
Apnic *"The Root of the DNS"* (
, *slide:18 "Which Root!"*, document said that " *Which letter they pick is
up to the resolver. Some do round robin, some latch on to the one they
think is faster. There are no particular rules that resolvers use here.
It’s not clear that resolvers use any particular heuristic to guide their
choice of root server letter, nor is it clear that it matters in any case."*
And we have already do lab, and then the DNS Cache work out of order, the
DNS Root is choiced rondomly.

We really wanna know "what is round robin of DNS" and the nature of the
rule to choose the DNS Root of Resolver, what factor, algorithm, .... that
decide the choice of DNS Root. Our final taget to want to know can we
control the operation of the DNS Cache. Suppose that we have one Root
Secondary Node of Anycast in our country (example DNS Root K), and we want
to direct query of the DNS Cache to the that DNS Root, how can we interfere
the resolve process to do that (unless otherwise configure only DNS Root K).

What about round robin to choose with the top level domain, second level
domain, ... ?

 Does the rule round robin depend on the DNS Software of DNS Cache
(resolver) or DNS Root, DNS top level domain,....?

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