[dns-operations] Anyone from Google here?

Shumon Huque shuque at gmail.com
Tue May 12 13:06:38 UTC 2020

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> From: Robert Evans <evansr at google.com>
> On Fri, Apr 17, 2020 at 1:23 PM Robert Evans <evansr at google.com> wrote:
>> [...]
>> Not sure the motivation for why the server does that, but I agree it
>> should be NOERROR or NXDOMAIN for all RTYPEs that don't exist including
>> unknown ones. We're looking into this and will get back to you.
> Following up here: I've confirmed this behavior is an oversight and will
> be corrected in an upcoming server release.

Hi Bob,

I just want to elaborate on one important point from Mark's earlier

For the query in question (google.com, type 1001), the response should be
NOERROR, and not NXDOMAIN (the name google.com exists, so the response
cannot be NXDOMAIN, regardless of what query type was issued).
Specifically, it should be a "NODATA" response (response code: NOERROR, an
empty answer section, and a SOA record in the Authority section). More
generally, if the domain name exists (either because it has other RR types
associated with it, or if it has none but has descendent nodes that do have
RRsets), then the response must be NODATA.

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