[dns-operations] question on query to DNS server's IPv6 interface

Ondřej Surý ondrej at sury.org
Tue Mar 31 12:38:24 UTC 2020

Hi Tessa,

welcome to the wonderful world of DNS and to this mailing list.

No, the `A` rrtype query is specifically IPv4 address.  The IPv6 addresses
are stored in `AAAA` rrtype records.
When `AAAA` rrtype does not exist, but the other rrtypes does exist, the
answer is NOERROR + SOA record.
This is different from node being empty (empty non-terminal) that would be
NODATA error code or when there's
nothing beneath that would be NXDOMAIN.

I know that there's a plethora of DNS RFC (the standards that define DNS),
but perhaps you can start by looking
at the wonderful project that Bert Hubert started - teaching dns -


On Tue, 31 Mar 2020 at 14:29, Tessa Plum <tessa at plum.ovh> wrote:

> Hello
> Sorry I am newbie to DNS.
> When making a DNS query (giving the type is A) to an authorized
> nameserver to its IPv6 address, will the value in answer are also IPv6
> addresses? If the host doesn't have an IPv6 address, how will DNS server
> return?
> Thank you.
> Tessa.
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