[dns-operations] creeping poorness of judgement

SM su at elandnews.com
Sat Mar 14 04:28:47 UTC 2020

At 09:07 PM 13-03-2020, Paul Vixie wrote:
>who are you? "SM" is not personal enough for my tastes.

I reviewed the draft which was published as a RFC.  Apologies for 
causing the above-mentioned problem.

>the concatenation of <character-strings> on 255-octet boundaries has 
>never been specified in a DNS RFC, and if the DKIM and SPF 
>specifications require this, they are legislating from the bench.
>>RFC 1035        Domain Implementation and Specification    November 1987
>><character-string> is expressed in one or two ways: as a contiguous set
>>of characters without interior spaces, or as a string beginning with a "
>>and ending with a ".  Inside a " delimited string any character can
>>occur, except for a " itself, which must be quoted using \ (back slash).
>>Because these files are text files several special encodings are
>>necessary to allow arbitrary data to be loaded.  In particular:
>>( )             Parentheses are used to group data that crosses a line
>>                 boundary.  In effect, line terminations are not
>>                 recognized within parentheses.
>>Mockapetris                                                    [Page 35]
>i think this means i won't be using SPF or DKIM, nor exchanging 
>e-mail with anyone who requires that i do so. piling kluge on kluge 
>because the right person wasn't in the right room 15 years ago is no 
>way to build a railroad i'm willing to ride on.

The right people were around.  However, the discussions which 
occurred approximately five years ago were controversial.


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