[dns-operations] Is this DNS Flag Day 2020 including 'in-addr.arpa.' and 'ip6.arpa.' clean-up?

Pirawat WATANAPONGSE pirawat.w at ku.th
Thu Feb 13 12:32:27 UTC 2020

If you think my topic is irrelevant to DNS Flag Day 2020, or if someone has
already mentioned it, I do apologize.

My reasoning is that the campaign is lopsided; we are focusing on the
‘forward’ zones (because those are our children, bear our names, and we
like to brag), but the 2 huge ‘reverse’ zones are neglected (because they
are the bastard children).

Anyone plans to clean up the ‘in-addr.arpa.’ and ‘ip6.arpa.’ this upcoming
Flag Day? Or it is not a priority (just yet) at this moment?

By the way, do not confuse properly scaffolding the (reverse) zones from
populating them; from my point of view, they are separate issues. Even if
you are ever going to put just one PTR into it, a properly secured,
hierarchized, delegated (reverse) zone is still crucial.

My two cents’ worth,


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