[dns-operations] estimate DNSSEC signing power

Christian Petrasch petrasch at denic.de
Wed Sep 18 07:11:40 UTC 2019

Hi Andreas, 

it depends on which environment you want to use around the signer. If you 
use HSM or SoftHSM for example this would limit your signing capacity more 
than the server.. 
If you sign without HSM the CPU is the limitation factor. 

We have sth. around 2,4 Mio signed records and signing speed tests with 
plain text key material for the actual KNOTdns signer f.e resulted that it 
needs 1,5 minutes with parallel signing with 8 cores of a  3,4 Ghz Intel 
With HSM, the HSM slows this down, because the signatures will be created 
on the HSM..

best regards

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we discuss to DNSSEC sign internal zones. General opponents bring up 
concerns about signing zones with update rates "up to 100 updates per 

I like to ask for experience / opinions: Which resources would be required 
to sign such traffic?

Personally, I understand "up to 100/s" as "once a week we start 100 serves 
at the same time, sending some DNS updates and this will stress a signer"
But it may also be understand as "100 updates/second 7x24"

I'm aware of .org which I experience as "life signing every new zone". How 
many new zones/time happen there?

Thanks for your ideas!

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