[dns-operations] root? we don't need no stinkin' root!

Paul Ebersman list-dns-operations at dragon.net
Thu Nov 28 18:56:09 UTC 2019

mallman> I wonder if we're ever allowed to just decide this sort of
mallman> thing is ridiculous old shit and for lots of reasons we can and
mallman> should just garbage collect it away.

ebersman> We aren't allowed as IETF/engineers. The world sort of is. ;)

tale> I see the :) but I'm thinking the first sentence is serious.  

tale> Given the consensus model of the IETF, I absolutely think we're
tale> allowed to decide we no longer have to be backwards compatible with
tale> everything in perpetuity.

Should have been clearer. My point is that we as the IETF can recommend
and specify but we have no control over what users/companies/vendors do
with it. And operationally, we have to be sympathetic to legacy and
obsolescence needs.

Things like DNS flag day are a good start, assuming we do stay flexible
with respect to such user needs.

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