[dns-operations] Questions on DNS Flag day 2020 proposal

Jerry Lundström jerry at dns-oarc.net
Mon Jun 17 09:59:10 UTC 2019

Hi Sam,

On 6/17/19 10:47 AM, 吴洪声 wrote:
> Yes, you’re Google, you’re cloudflare, you’re IBM, you’re opendns. You have traffic, you have big big power. So you can setup your own rule, you can block any traffic as you like.

I think your referring to the ZDnet article which lists these companies
as members.

They were not members, they were supporters for DNS flag day 2019.

As a supporter you support the initiative and will hopefully make sure
your platforms/services/software are in order.

We will create the same list of supporters for DNS flag day 2020, and if
DNSpod would like to join as a supporter we would be happy to accept.


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