[dns-operations] root? we don't need no stinkin' root!

Matthew Pounsett matt at conundrum.com
Wed Dec 11 22:23:05 UTC 2019

On Wed, 11 Dec 2019 at 08:24, Jim Reid <jim at rfc1035.com> wrote:

> In principle, they could all change at once, In reality, they don’t.
> <https://lists.dns-oarc.net/mailman/listinfo/dns-operations>

This absolutely does happen.  I've been at the helm of several operator
changes on TLDs that saw all the NS records and glue change in the same
update.   I've seen several others change the same way.  I have yet to
witness anyone splitting the NS change up into multiple IANA requests.
With enough prep and testing it's fairly low risk to do all at once.

But, even if they were split up, the change would still happen on the order
of a few days, maybe two weeks tops if the operators are being extremely
careful and IANA is unusually busy/slow.  That's far too fast a change for
most resolvers to keep their root zone up to date by any current non-XFR
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