[dns-operations] DNSViz - technical difficulties

Casey Deccio casey at deccio.net
Tue Apr 16 21:05:58 UTC 2019

Hi Arsen,

> On Apr 16, 2019, at 7:15 AM, Arsen STASIC <arsen.stasic at univie.ac.at> wrote:
> DNSViz is a really helpful tool! I use it daily.

Thanks for the feedback!  I'm glad it's been useful.

> Unfortunately for the last days no historical data is available

Sorry about that.  Unfortunately, there are some issues with the database hardware at the moment, and limited manpower/resources mean that it takes time to get it back online.  We do anticipate some stability in the near future, but the transition is taking a bit longer than we anticipated.

> and DNSKEYs can't be added.

What do you mean by this?  Do you mean that you cannot enter your own non-root trust anchors to the analysis, or do you mean that you can't (or don't want to) add DNSKEYs into your system, or do you mean something else?


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