[dns-operations] Hybrid DNS

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Fri Sep 21 20:25:48 UTC 2018

In article <1ec170d9-6a0b-ffeb-7ba0-4d7e06ae5ba7 at easydns.com> you write:
>> I would think you'd be aware of OpenSRS which seems to have offer
>> appropriate capabilities via their API.
>Yes, but the OpenSRS API is not registrant-facing, it's reseller-facing
>(isn't it?). So you could create your own reseller to get access to this
>functionality, but I was speaking more from a perspective of "who out
>there is offering this type of system" or what it would take for
>somebody to build one.

Yes.  I am a Tucows reseller and it works great for my customers'
domains, but not at all for anyone else's, not even those registrered
through Hover or another reseller.

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