[dns-operations] FOSDEM 2019 DNS devroom CfP

Peter van Dijk peter.van.dijk at powerdns.com
Thu Nov 15 14:59:37 UTC 2018

Dear DNS operators,

tl;dr Please consider submitting a presentation for the DNS devroom at 
FOSDEM 2019.

More details:

Every year, developers from all over the Europe (and some from farther 
away) meet in Brussels to discuss Open Source software and many other 
topics. After a successful and packed DNS devroom (track) last year, we 
are happy to announce a full-day DNS devroom at FOSDEM 2019.

As with last year, we hope to host talks anywhere from hardcore protocol 
stuff to practical sessions for programmers that are not directly 
involved with DNS - but may have to deal with DNS in their day to day 
coding - or for system administrators responsible for DNS 

Your input and insights as operators are very valuable to developers - 
and this is your opportunity to shape software before it is written, 
when things are still malleable. Therefore, even if (especially if!) you 
are not a developer, please consider submitting a presentation!

We have been allotted a room on Sunday, 3 February 2019. We expect to 
schedule 30 minutes per talk, including questions, but we have some 
flexibility if you need more or less time.

If you have something you’d like to share with your fellow developers, 
please head to pentabarf at 
https://penta.fosdem.org/submission/FOSDEM19. Examples of topics are 
measuring, monitoring, DNS libraries, and anecdotes on how you’ve 
(ab)used the DNS. Here’s the 2018 schedule, for your inspiration: 
https://archive.fosdem.org/2018/schedule/track/dns/ .

The deadline for submission is Saturday, 1 December 2018. If you have a 
FOSDEM pentabarf account from a previous year, please use that account. 
Reach out to dns-devroom-manager at fosdem.org if you run into any trouble.

See you there!

Peter van Dijk, Shane Kerr, Pieter Lexis, and Kees Monshouwer

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