[dns-operations] Registrar for .net and .com fails to accept an NS in .edu

Tony Finch dot at dotat.at
Wed Dec 5 11:36:59 UTC 2018

Ray Bellis <ray at isc.org> wrote:
> On 05/12/2018 01:18, John W.O'Brien wrote:
> > For those on the list who have been waiting breathlessly to hear about
> > the next chapter in this little saga, wait no more! My .edu registrar
> > has informed me that they are unable to register server names with
> > greater than three labels. So... The saga continues?
> It sounds like you need a new registrar.
> To my knowledge any such limitation they're imposing is completely artificial
> and of their own making.

It seems EDUCAUSE has a monopoly over .edu - https://net.educause.edu/

One way to work around this is to create aliases for
uphs{1,2,3}.uphs.upenn.edu under a less problematic TLD. Note that name
server aliases can't be created with CNAME records (resolvers refuse to
follow NS records pointing at CNAMEs) so you need to just create A/AAAA
records with suitable names and matching IP addresses.

What is "suitable"? You can either pick one alternative domain in which
your name server aliases live, or you can set things up with
"in-bailiwick" name server aliases for each domain, e.g. example.com has
ns{1,2,3}.example.com and example.net has ns{1,2,3}.example.net. There are
religious arguments on this topic; I tend to use traditional canonical
name server names in my domains, but for a counter-argument, have a look
at https://cr.yp.to/djbdns/notes.html

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