[dns-operations] EDNS flag day

Tony Finch dot at dotat.at
Wed Aug 8 14:11:53 UTC 2018

Petr Špaček <petr.spacek at nic.cz> wrote:
> On 8.8.2018 13:29, Tony Finch wrote:
> >
> > I think the dnsflagday.net site would be more reassuring if it had a
> > section aimed at resolver operators explaining how the flag day will
> > affect them (or rather, us).
> Good idea!
> Could you provide a paragraph or two with the information you are missing?

Something like this perhaps?

Resolver operators

The resolver software listed below will implement the DNS flag day:

* ISC BIND versions after 9.11.x, 9.12.x, etc.

* PowerDNS Recursor versions ...

* ...

These public DNS resolver services will implement the DNS flag day:

* Quad9

* Cloudflare

* ...

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