[dns-operations] EDNS flag day

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Wed Aug 8 09:39:38 UTC 2018

BIND’s code changed for this are in review for the extent of the changes:

Still needs actual code tidying to be done.

> On 8 Aug 2018, at 7:26 pm, Tony Finch <dot at dotat.at> wrote:
> Petr Špaček <petr.spacek at nic.cz> wrote:
>> Hopefully these authoritatives will get fixed during https://dnsflagday.net/
> I'm a bit puzzled about how this is going to work.
> I kind of expected that the major resolvers would release code to
> implement the flag day this year, so there is plenty of time for it to be
> widely deployed so that the big event actually happens; but I haven't
> noticed any sign of that. On the other hand the plan might be that
> resolvers released after the flag day would have the workarounds removed,
> but this will create a massive disincentive for resolver operators to
> upgrade because they will be blamed for the breakage not the authoritative
> servers - last thing to change gets the blame.
> Tony.
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