[dns-operations] Cloudflare DNS resolver ( Weird DNSSEC race condition

Michael Sinatra michael at brokendns.net
Fri Aug 3 21:28:02 UTC 2018

On 08/03/18 12:18, Michael Sinatra wrote:

> I'll update this if/when all Cloudflare instances figure out that
> they're supposed to validate my zone and return signatures when the DO
> bit is set, but in the meantime, I'd say that using Cloudflare as part
> of a forwarding, validating resolver configuration is "considered
> dangerous."

The US/west-coast instance began requesting RRSIGs and returning them at
14:18:25 PDT (this is when the DO bit was first set in queries to my
authoritative servers).  This was approximately 3 hours after I inserted
the DS record (and said record showed up in the cache of the same
Cloudflare instance).  Note that I have also contacted
noc at cloudflare.com on this issue, but I don't have any more specific
contact for the service.  (I have skimmed through the various
blog posts on that service and can't find any operational contact info.)


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