[dns-operations] Who here is keeping a curated list of public resolvers?

John Dickinson jad at sinodun.com
Mon Apr 23 08:36:12 UTC 2018

On 22 Apr 2018, at 21:47, Paul Hoffman wrote:

> On 13 Apr 2018, at 8:35, John Dickinson wrote:
>> If you want to include the test privacy servers then there is a list 
>> at https://dnsprivacy.org/wiki/display/DP/DNS+Privacy+Test+Servers. 
>> Note that not all these servers have their own web page but in all 
>> cases the operators have agreed that we can publish the details of 
>> their service.
> Yeah, I'm trying to figure out the right way to include servers that 
> do port 853 but not 53. Will stumble around with this more.
> Is that URL expected to be long-lived? :-)

As long as Sinodun exists :) We have software support until 2021.

>> We will be adding the DOH servers soon.
> Given that some relevant parts of the DOH protocol are still not 
> stable, I hope you will also check each one you list against the 
> then-current draft.


> --Paul Hoffman

John Dickinson


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