[dns-operations] TLD(s) for private use

James Stevens James.Stevens at jrcs.co.uk
Wed Sep 6 11:35:18 UTC 2017

This makes it "safe" from an ISO perspective, but not necessarily from 
an IETF/ICANN perspective ... or does it ?

Or is there some policy statement relating LL TLDs to ISO3166 that would 
provide a conclusively safe link?

On 06/09/17 12:29, Jaap Akkerhuis wrote:
>   Stephane Bortzmeyer writes:
>   > > I'm guessing dot-ZZ might fit that criterion, on the basis no country will
>   > > ever get it,
>   >
>   > I wouldn't be so sure, ISO 3166 does not reserve that code in any way.
> It actually does in a certain way. Citating the ISO 3166-1 (2013)
> 	Code elements A A, QM to QZ, XA to XZ, and ZZ are not part of
> 	this part of ISO 3166. Their use is described in Clause 8.
> And clause 8 basically says that these codes elements are
> "User-assigned code elements". They can be freely used while still
> adhering to the standard. There is a warning that one cannot expect
> that these are unique. Therefor, the chance that ICANN/PTI/IETF will
> use them as TLD labes seem pretty slim to me.
> But, as people have mentioned before, using a label within the
> namespace oneself controls, is likely the most save option.
> 	jaap

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