[dns-operations] .store gTLD "name collision" status?

Gavin Brown gavin.brown at centralnic.com
Tue May 2 09:53:21 UTC 2017

Hi Viktor,

CentralNic runs the registry infrastructure for .store. It seems that we
did not remove the controlled interruption records for .store after the
90-day period elapsed. This has now been corrected.

Any issues relating to TLDs on CentralNic's platform can be directed to
ops at centralnic.com.


On 29/04/2017 18:36, ietf-dane at dukhovni.org (Viktor Dukhovni) wrote:
> In accordance with:
>    https://newgtlds.icann.org/sites/default/files/agreements/name-collision-assessment-04aug14-en.htm
> new gTLDs initially publish "Name collision assessment" wildcard records.
> My expectation was that such records are removed once the gTLDs goes live
> registering real delegations.
> There are now many .store delegations, but the wildcard "collision assessment" records
> persist.
> example.store.          A
> example.store.          MX      10 your-dns-needs-immediate-attention.store.
> example.store.          SRV     10 10 0 your-dns-needs-immediate-attention.store.
> example.store.          TXT     "Your DNS configuration needs immediate attention see https://icann.org/namecollision"
> Is that to be expected?  
> Per https://icannwiki.org/.store the domain has been live for nearly a year.
> Delegation:	        22 February 2016 
> General Availability: 	14 June 2016

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