[dns-operations] Denying Whois DB by GeoIP

Kaio Rafael kaiorafael at dcc.ufam.edu.br
Thu Jun 8 21:18:11 UTC 2017


I have been investigating Fast-Flux service for a while, and sometimes I
need to retrieve WHOIS data from different TLDs.

Today, I was looking for .CO.NZ data, however every query I sent, I got
permission denied. I am not sure if this block is based on my IP current
geolocation (Brazil), but when I ask from different locations such as US
and UK, I can have this data.

I tried different sources in Brazil, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, for

Is there any RFC or other documentation that says that a TLD (whois in this
case) can deny requests based on IP Geolocation?

Kaio Rafael,
PhD student.

Kaio Rafael,
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