[dns-operations] edns-client-subnet capable authorities?

David C Lawrence tale at akamai.com
Thu Jul 20 10:57:15 UTC 2017

Brian Hartvigsen (bhartvig) writes:
> Actually Google does it by probing for support.  OpenDNS (of which I am
> affiliated with) does still use a whiltelist.

I thought Google did both probing and whitelisting, but admittedly I
only see it from the auth side for a provider who requires
whitelisting.  Akamai won't do ECS with just anyone, and requires an
agreement (no costs) about how ECS gets used, mainly concerned with
not walking the address space.

William, if you're interested in working with Akamai let me know
and I can put you to the right entry point for the process.

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