[dns-operations] the real reason for ICANN's gTLD expansion seems to be...

Phil Regnauld regnauld at nsrc.org
Wed Dec 13 10:52:09 UTC 2017

Viktor Dukhovni (ietf-dane) writes:
> Well, here we have apples and oranges.  Abuse of gTLDs by crooks is a
> problem of economic externalities, and calls for an economic solution.

	I think it's self regulating, as you point out below.

> There's no reason to make domain ownership cheap for crooks who cycle
> through (10s, 100s, ... of) thousands of domains.

	So, would setting domain registrations at 100 USD / year solve
	the problem ? I'm not sure pointing the finger at TLDs and SLDs that
	offer free or v. cheap delegations is going to solve the issue.

> As for SMTP authentication (I assume you really mean message rather than
> transport authentication),

	Yes, SMTP auth - and yes, it's an architectural issue - my point was,
	SMTP is broken by design, and indeed, it won't stop scams - whether
	or not you can buy domains by the boatload. I just don't think it
	makes sense (or is useful) to artificially limit the number of
	registrations - it's whack-a-mole.

> Mind you, many receiving systems are taking matters into their own hands
> and blocking a bunch of the new gTLDs wholesale.

	There's the self regulation. Can't deal with bogus registrations in
	your TLD ? Fine, you'll be a regexp in someone else's file.

> If they also block
> HTTP/HTTPS to those domains, or just configure their resolvers to block
> resolution, we end up with a somewhat balkanized DNS, but at least some
> economic consequences for gTLDs whose business model is primarily shady
> domains.

	Yes. Good enough for me. Anyway, probably off-topic by now :)


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