[dns-operations] the real reason for ICANN's gTLD expansion seems to be...

Phil Regnauld regnauld at nsrc.org
Tue Dec 12 13:11:09 UTC 2017

Viktor Dukhovni (ietf-dane) writes:
> My $0.02, find some way to make initial domain acquisition be a
> more costly longer commitment (perhaps with fees for remaining
> years transferable between registrars to avoid registrar lock-in).

	I may be naive, but this bugs me as much as people complaining 
	that LetsEncrypt (including soon to be available wildcard certs)
	is somehow undermining the security of the Internet.

	If something is broken by design, say, SMTP authentication, or
	the whole idea of X.509 CAs, then complaining that more gTLDS
	or free TLS certs is making things worse is like saying that
	higher speed limits on the road make cars more dangerous (yeah,
	analogies suck).

	Shouldn't be fixing transport systems [1], not complain about
	infrastructure being more accessible ?

	[1] Semi autonomous driving capabilities are a step in that
	direction, but there'll always be an idiot eating pizza and
	watching movies as he plows through a semi.

	Phil, asbestos suit on.

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