[dns-operations] which registries test nameservers before delegations?

Eduardo Duarte eduardo.duarte at dns.pt
Tue Apr 25 10:52:39 UTC 2017


We do pre-delegation testing at .PT. When you register or change the
techical info on a domain we validate that it has at least 2 diferent
nameservers. To do that you only need to supply us with one nameserver
and we get the rest of the info and validate the techical info based on
the anwser from that server.

We have a demo of the tool at https://www.dns.pt/en/tools/?t=0

This process started arround the year 2000, but still there are a lot of
entities that doesn't understand it because of the diference to the
normal registry process.

This rules also apply tho .GW and .AO that we give techinical support.

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Mark Jeftovic wrote on 24-04-2017 19:43:
> I know .IS does and I'm pretty sure .NL does, but what other registries
> do pre-delegation testing on domains before they will register (or
> transfer) them?
> - mark

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