[dns-operations] TLDs allowing zone transfers

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Sun Sep 25 21:36:27 UTC 2016

In article <20160925105616.GA8708 at laperouse.bortzmeyer.org> you write:
>Following the buzz about the TLD .kp, which allowed zone transfer,
>then closed it, here is the current list of TLD where at least one
>name server allows zone transfers.

FYI, all of the ICANN contracted zones are supposed to provide zone
files.  For most of the new TLDs, you get it through https://czds.icann.org/en
where the requests are manual, but once you have access you can download
the file automatically.  Annoyingly, most expire access after 90 days so
you have to keep asking.

Most old gTLDs require a separate application that you e-mail to them and
they send you FTP credentials, but those work permanently.  A few of the
old TLDs have moved to czdap including pro, cat, coop, and museum.

The .us TLD provides access on application, .se provides public access,
.fr does on application if you are a French business.


 Three things to keep in mind:
>1) In some cases, the TLD registers most domains at the third level,
>so downloading the TLD yieds little information.
>2) I don't express any opinion regarding this configuration. Allowing
>zone transfers or not is a local policy decision.
>3) Some TLD (like .fr, see <http://opendata.nic.fr/>) allows to
>retrieve the entire list of domains, just not through AXFR.

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