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Tue Mar 22 13:25:36 UTC 2016

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>I just reviewed all TLDs.
>The following TLD have wildcards record except the rdata
>*.ph. 299 IN	A
>*.sy. 21599 IN	A
>*.ws. 299 IN	A
>*.中国. 21599 IN A
>*.中國. 21599 IN A

As far as the DNS protocol is concerned, the only issue with a TLD owning
a wildcard entry is if they elect to sign with DNSSEC, use NSEC3 with
opt-out.  (RFC 5155, section 12.2 covers Opt-out Considerations, but I
don't see that it specifically documents the issue.  RFC 4592 on Wildcards
predates NSEC3, it doesn't mention the opt-out issue.)

Many TLDs are operated under agreements to not include a wildcard entry.
Such agreements are based on issues beyond simple protocol correctness,
such as prohibitions against including authoritative (i.e., non-glue)
address records.

Confusing registration rules and DNS protocol rules is a common error.
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