[dns-operations] Typo in fox.com and an Akamai squatter

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Mon Feb 1 21:03:04 UTC 2016

In message <20160201172042.GC1210 at cmadams.net>, Chris Adams writes:
> Once upon a time, Edward Lewis <edward.lewis at icann.org> said:
> > If the problem lay in the registration data, i.e., the owner of fox.com,
> > made a typo at their registrar and it resulted in the incorrect name being
> > published in the DNS, there is little the DNS hoster can do.  If the name
> > owner leaves a hanging name for someone else to squat on, there's simply
> > no automated way to prevent badness.
> Yes, but in this case, the typo was not in the registration.  The
> registration data has one set of servers, and then those servers return
> a different set of servers for NS, and that's where the typo was (in the
> zone, not the TLD).

And if the TLD had followed the rules in RFC 1034 this would have
been caught.

  RFC 1034, 4.2.2. Administrative considerations

  As the last installation step, the delegation NS RRs and glue RRs
  necessary to make the delegation effective should be added to the parent
  zone.  The administrators of both zones should insure that the NS and
  glue RRs which mark both sides of the cut are consistent and remain so.

Mistakes happen.  Cross checking for inconstistancies catches errors.

Every registry knew about this rule when taking on the registry
role.  All of them with the exception of IANA post date RFC 1034.
If you can't do the job PROPERLY then don't do it.

Every registry has two sets of customers.  Those that register
domains and those that lookup domains.  The rules are there for
both sets of customer.  Even if those that register domains decide
to waive the check those that lookup domains haven't.


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