[dns-operations] Typo in fox.com and an Akamai squatter

Chris Adams cma at cmadams.net
Mon Feb 1 17:20:42 UTC 2016

Once upon a time, Edward Lewis <edward.lewis at icann.org> said:
> If the problem lay in the registration data, i.e., the owner of fox.com,
> made a typo at their registrar and it resulted in the incorrect name being
> published in the DNS, there is little the DNS hoster can do.  If the name
> owner leaves a hanging name for someone else to squat on, there's simply
> no automated way to prevent badness.

Yes, but in this case, the typo was not in the registration.  The
registration data has one set of servers, and then those servers return
a different set of servers for NS, and that's where the typo was (in the
zone, not the TLD).

Chris Adams <cma at cmadams.net>

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